Glovebox Film Festival

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Design meets Art… and brings the beer.

Boston based Glovebox artist Tod Craggio aka local Award-winning industrial designer Craig Rubino shares with Glovebox his project for the Pabst Blue Ribbon “Eye F*CK” event  @ North Star next Wednesday.  Using Design of the Times award-winning point-of-purchase display designed by Rubino and plenty of PBR cans, Craggio is creating a sculpture that will be shown at the event. 

“When PBR representative Rob Reilly told me about the show, I knew exactly what I would make.” says Craggio.

Utilizing a DNA (double helix style) prototype display that would have met its demise in the landfill, Craggio is refabricating it, and cloaking it in PBR cans.

Come check out the finished piece this Wednesday from 8-11 @ North Star. 222 Friend Street in the North End of Boston.  There will be other local artists work there as well. 

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