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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Man Show

Let's face it, even before Don Draper, the men of the art world have always been, and always will be, rock stars. If he can fix your car and paint your portrait, it's a sure bet that he's getting a first AND second date.

Artist Kevin Hebb sent this postcard last week for "The Man Show" featuring his work along with Gordon Carlisle, Scott Murry, Jeff Badger and Tim Yankosky. The work is being shown at The Three Graces October 7th - 31st. The same gallery that shows The Teeny Tiny Art Show twice a year, a pull on the heart strings just by mention of the title, does it again with a brilliant line-up. And we thought we couldn't love The Three Graces in Portsmouth, NH any more than we already did!

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