Glovebox Film Festival

Sunday, February 22, 2009


GLOVEBOX artist, Rose Mattos just had a birthday!!! Happy day of your birth from GLOVEBOX! And for those of you who missed Rosie's paahty, you missed MJ pre-white music fest!!!  Thanks to Russ, Vic and Lauren there was plenty of jokes to be made of the 80's music video compilation.

PS...don't let the picture deceive you, Rose does not have any apes as pets that will get angry and rip your face off (in all seriousness, that was terrible)...this ape is just liz...stop monkeying around!!! 


"The Concept behind the SPIN show came from my interest or addiction to nostalgia.  I am not alone in thinking that part of our childhood was taken away with the emergence of the internet...or am I?  Cassettes and vinyl records were chosen for the classic iconography and simplicity.  The theme of this show is one of dedication to how things used to be and how far technology as come in such a short time......when music turned into a platform to make a quick dollar you saw cassettes start to rot on the store racks....mixtapes became a thing of the past....this show will honor the simplicity of a looping bassline playing under a slowed down disco beat...." - Kevin Hebb on the concept behind SPIN read Kevins' full story look for it in the upcoming artsake blog

SPIN show March 1. 2009 6-9 pm

Glovebox is putting on a new show March 1. 2009,  our artists have teamed up with a local boutique for a vintage inspired show!  They put their "SPIN" on vintage records and cassettes.

Boston/Allston March 1. 2009- Rescue Apparel & Accessories is hosting Glovebox's latest show, SPIN, a group art show featuring the work of local artists.  the artwork is themed around vintage/new using cassette tapes and vinyl records as inspiration to create art while local DJ's will spin their own old school music at the opening!

artists include:  Jodie Baehre, Lauren Blais, Kevin Hebb, Liz Comperchio, Amanda Atkins, Kate Castelli, Ari Hauben and many more!!

AFTER SHOW party at Deep Ellum across the street

Rescue. 252 Brighon Ave. Allston. 6-9 pm.  show is up March 1-29.check us out at wicked local, BU's Art Admin Communique, Artsake and online globe.....