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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Chic Chicas - An Interview with Twelve Chairs

An Interview with Roisin Giese and Miggy Mason of  Twelve Chairs

Cofounders and creative directors, Roisin (Row-sheen) Giese and Miggy Mason, LEED AP, met at Cornell University where they majored in Interior Design. Their combined resumes include over 10 years of retail, management, and interior design experience, and a record of dedication to beautiful, responsible design. Through a combination of their passions and experience, Twelve Chairs came to be: informing, empowering, and inspiring their customers to live in style . . . sustainably.
GLVBX:  How did “Twelve Chairs” begin?  What was the inspiration behind this décor/interior design business?

TC:  It all started with an email. "We should open up a shop and interior design studio!" The rest is history. Neither of us really had any pause...we went full steam ahead from that very moment. Having studied interior design together in college and having worked in the design and retail industries we felt that we had the background and experience to pull off the hybrid business. And so far so good!

Above Photo Courtesy of Ashley O'Dell

GLVBX:  Many of our creative audience admire your “big kahunas”- so to speak.  As two young entrepreneurs, what was/is the biggest hurdle as business owners?  What do you suggest to others who make want to make this same leap?

TC:  Our challenges have changed as we've grown and evolved as a business. We're currently working on how to get some work/ life balance. As for budding entrepreneurs we'd have to say plan well and then just go for it.

GLVBX:  What is the best item in your store right now?

TC:  That's a tricky one, but some of our favorite pieces are lamps by Jill Rosenwald (her studio is right down the street!). They come in so many beautiful patterns, shapes, and colors. We're working on putting together a catalogue now so it's easier to mix and match and do a custom piece.

Above Photo Courtesy of Ashley O'Dell

GLVBX:  What are you just dying to bring into the store?

TC:  A shop dog!

GLVBX:  YES!!! We agree!  What is your favorite “chair?”

TC:  We have different favorites for well-known chairs. Roisin's is a Louis the XV style chair and Miggy's is the A Series chair. Our favorite chair in the shop is this very cool Antique Kilim chair.

GLVBX:  Favorite Fabric choice?

TC:  Something au natural! We love linens, organic cottons and wools; we even have a chair upholstered in 100% hemp though you'd never guess it

GLVBX:  You were in ELLE DÉCOR…Tell us MORE!

TC:  The day that February/ March issue hit the stands was surreal. We love reminiscing about sprinting to the newsstand and racing to find the page we were featured on. We were written up in their What's Hot Shops section. Our next goal is to be in their (the magazine) for a room we've designed!

GLVBX:  Where do you see “Twelve Chairs” in the future?

TC:  This is a frequent topic of conversation. We love to brainstorm/ daydream about the future of Twelve Chairs. In the immediate future we plan to have a web-store. More long - term goals include our own furniture and home decor lines and maybe a book! 

Check out to see part II of this interview!  Glovebox often teams with Twelve Chairs to show local art, to submit your art for consideration, send 3 jpegs or a link of your work to  

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