Glovebox Film Festival

About Glovebox

Who We Are

Glovebox is a non-profit artist organization that enables artists to exhibit their work in non-traditional spaces in the Boston area. The organization is aimed to bring both artist and the public together for the benefit of art awareness and accessibility to the arts for artists and the greater community.

What We Offer Artists
Glovebox provides a community for artists to show work in non-conventional spaces. Emerging artists can discover how to exhibit their work while established artists can take risks by showing work outside a typical gallery. Glovebox artists help build the community by volunteering – many help by promoting events, curating shows or doing an internship.

Community Involvement
Glovebox works with local businesses and organizations to plan art events, most businesses chose to donate venue space. The local businesses that support Glovebox are part of our grassroots artist organization and often get exposure through our press. Many of our shows are collaborative efforts, continually focusing on building community. We also work with other non-profit organizations and charities through fundraisers and art auctions.

Future Goals
In the future, we hope to create more opportunities for our artists to be seen and promote their livelihood; we strive to become involved in the area of public art - allowing the community to become involved in interactive works. Currently, we are proud to show the work of visual artists, photographers, illustrators and filmmakers, directors and actors through Glovebox events and the Glovebox Film Festival.