Glovebox Film Festival

Volunteer Board

Volunteers Needed
Please email

1. Volunteer: Volunteer to help organize the Website Launch Party. //Now - October 21// email 

2. Volunteer: Volunteer to help organize the Glovebox Fundraiser. //Now - November 17// email  

3. Blogger: You know a thing or two about grammar, have a passion for writing and/or taking photographs and posting to the inter-web. Visual blogging encouraged. Vlogging is totally rad. //Now taking applicants for blog contributors. Ideas welcome// email 

 4. Inspiration Needed: Email 6-10 images of things that inspire you. Please be sure to cite and give credit to all images. Option: write a few words or sentences explaining your inspiration! Inspiration posts will be featured on the new Glovebox website - coming soon! 

5. Submit: Submit photos of your work space to and be featured on our new website! 

6. Blog Editor: Do you know the difference between "who" and "whom" and where the heck one puts that damn apostrophe (it's vs its)? Are you a word whiz with an eye for whittling content down for easy-peezy-speedzy blog reading? ...was that a yes?! We want you!! We have a team of blog contributors and need an editor to approve all content before it posts to the internet's eyes. Consistency is key. Must be organized and fun with a desire to be part of a crazy, artsy team of Gloveboxers! Email