Glovebox Film Festival

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Killer SPIN Pahhty

The opening of GLOVEBOX's latest show, SPIN at Rescue on Sunday March 1. 2009 rocked out! Art, music, vintage clothing and free beer...what more can an allstonian need?  A huge success, the show beat all gloom of the snowy weather.  Thanks to all of the artists involved, DJ ROB with his sick mixes, Paul and Jeralyn (owners of Rescue) AND OFCOURSE Kevin, Jodie and Liz, the night will not be forgotten!  To check out the art that was inspired by cassette tapes and vinyl records, stop by Rescue at 252 Brighton Ave in Allston....while you're there pick up some ass-kicking vintage boots.  Thanks again to the crowd who came out...YOU make it special....and post those pics on FACEBOOK...

Lady Magma Review

Sexy and seductive Lady Magma played on Superbowl Sunday at O'Briens Pub in Allston.  It was a nice contrast to all the testosterone and pigskin throwing going on earlier in the evening.  Lady Magma, a band based out of Brooklyn, New York is the sort of band that makes you wonder just what's happening behind the stage when the curtain closes.  Their sensuous performances are stories sang with soul.  The band is made up of Brian and Teresa McMahon, Drummer Max Abeles, bassist Chelsea and of course Lady Magma herself, a vixen in skin tight black leggings and patent leather pumps.  She appears wild and slightly lunatic, and is.  When I first watched this band onstage in New York in 2007, I had an interesting conversation to say the least with Lady when I approached her before the Allston show on Sunday, I said hello and asked if she remembered me.  She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "Hell no, don't you know I am drunk all the time, I don't remember anyone."  It was so suiting, I smiled.  Lady Magma is scary, crazy, a mess of cheap plastic clothing, yet intriguing and you never want to let her out of your sight, in fear you will miss what is about to happen next....she is amazing.

the lights by the stage blazed a little harder in the tiny pub and Lady Magma finally went on stage, the small crowd danced off their bar stools and gravitated towards the stage.  the storytelling began and Lady Magma's voice belted out as she crawled along the stage, knees dragging, towards the crowd.  As the audience howled, she drew them in closer to listen to her story, coming from her ruby red lips.....

Teresa....thanks for being a friend!