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Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking a Ride with Action Artist Matt Cheney

The Glovebox team caught up with Matt Cheney this week to discuss final adjustments to the upcoming show. Matt told us what drives him to create Action Art.

    "Being an Action Artist, you can feel the energy on the canvas and the action which occurred to create it." Matt Cheney tells Glovebox, "Through the physical challenge, the spontaneity of the movement and capturing that moment in time, the work is a portrayal of my self expression. It is an evolving work, whether driven by aggression or passion; it captures emotion."

Images shown are of Matt's recent bike series in one of his studios, details of the bike series images and a ramp with work in color.

More posts to come on the installation of Matt's 12-foot ramps! 

Join us Friday, April 9 from 7-9 pm at Midway Studios: 15 Channel Center, Studio 402, Boston, MA 02210. The show will consist of Matt Cheney's artwork against the backdrop of the bike ramps used to create the work. With a mix of new mediums, including the oxidized iron series, Cheney uses this exhibition to shift the focus from the actual performance to the painting that "captures the moment in time."

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