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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matt Cheney Show - April 10. 2010

An adventurous night, sure to be remembered...

Thanks for everyone who came out to the show past Friday, April 9.

 Despite the rain, which seems to be a reoccurring theme on Glovebox opening nights, everyone came and helped us celebrate this one night event!   Special thanks to Paris Vison for pre-show pics and Vic Yambao for at-show pics, you guys rock!

Matt Cheney's work reflects the process of movement, action and motion.  His highly performative work is a parallel to his active life.  Cheney lives in the moment, fueling his creative talent through, skateboarding, skydiving and biking.  In his most recent work, that was exhibited
at this one night event, Cheney explored the environmental effects on graphite in combination with action, video and performance art.  The entire catalyst for Cheney's work becomes the outcome that the crowd experienced

An additional thanks to all the glovebox newcomers, watch your emails for upcoming events and check us out at :

Photos by: Vic Yambao

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