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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inspiration: Liz Comperchio


1. Environment: It's easy to be inspired by your surroundings, but how does one create a piece of artwork that is reminiscent of that inspiration. I am especially inspired by Dale Chihuly's work and how he places his work in environments. It's striking.

2. Space: Similar to environment, space is relating to one's self and one's perception of how much, or how little, space there is to occupy. Perhaps this fascination comes from living in New York City. I found Anish Kapoor's piece Memory to be especially powerful. I saw at the Guggenheim last year and could not stop staring into the black abyss. Impossible to squeeze by, it looked like a sad vessel, stuck in a room too small. 

3. Color: I have been inspired by bolder colors. Again, seeing Dale Chihuly's work at the Boston MFA was inspiring because I generally lean towards a muted color palette. There is something incredible powerful in bold, dynamic color palettes that are done well. It's tricky, it doesn't always work!

4. Neon: I've been dying to do something with neon. I think I'm getting closer... There is something surreal and "out-of-this-world" about the glow of a color. Although neon isn't a new medium, and we see it everywhere, it's still so powerful when used discriminatly.

5. Nests: I don't know if I will ever stray from loving nests. There is so much symbolism in the structure. The dialogue can go on for ever and ever.

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