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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY Zines!!!

Today’s blog post is about all DIY and by that I mean making your own Zine.  

Definition of A Zine: magazine - a non-commercial, often hommemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject mater (merriam-webster dictionary) 

To me zines have always been this cool form of raw expression and are usually made on super low budgets. Perfect for the DIYstarving artist.  My desire to write about zines stems from two places

1.   I once submitted some of my own work to a zine called doomzine. It was a fairly simple process and when the zines where complete, each participant was mailed a copy of one.  I must say this was really exciting.

2.    My friends and I are making are own zine!!!! I’ll give you a little insight into how my friends and I decided to create a zine:

One night we were all hanging out and watching the Nickelodeon Show "Hey Arnold" and the episode we were watching was the one where Helga becomes famous because of her attitude.  There was a scene where she was on the cover of the magazine "Vague"  (a play on Vogue- fashion magazine.) We all thought it was hilarious and one of us thought, "Hey, we should make that into a zine."   So from then on it was decided that we would now contribute are ideas to the world of zines. So far our zine is still in its infant stages but we have decided that it will be a seasonal zine and the first issue will hit the streets this fall.  In tribute to "Hey Arnold," we are calling it "Vague."  

Want to make your own Zine? Check out this video from on Youtube!
Community artist and editor-in-chief of "Eyeball Burp Publications" Ann Matsushima demonstrates how to make your own self-published zine with very simple material, and speaks about the importance of creative self-expression. -IntentVideo July 2010

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  1. sweet! i'm very glad this whole d.i.y. zine culture is catching on, and people are seeing that, YES, they can publish themselves. it's about understanding that everyone has something valid to say, show and share.

    (thanks for watching the video, though i know that zine making is a bit more complex than just stapling... hah! )