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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview with a Super Hero

MRBrandon Aguiar, newest member of the Glovebox team, has all the raw talent and imagination that we love here at Glovebox.  We were really excited and grateful when MRBrandon Aguiar came to intern with us and even more excited when we learned about his killer artwork.  He may just be our Superhero!

GLVBX: Welcome to Glovebox! We are excited to have you as our newest member.  Can you tell us why you were interested in interning with Glovebox?

BA:  I am equally excited to be interning with you.  The way I ended up becoming your intern was kind of random and completely unintentional. When I first found out about Glovebox I was just hoping to maybe be part of a future show.  Then I became interested in Glovebox because it seeks to help out emerging artists show around Boston and because you and Liz graduated from AIB (Art Institute of Boston- Brandon is a current student at AIB).  So, of course when Liz asked me if I wanted to intern  I was like "hell ya I do". So far its been one of the best experiences I’ve had since moving to Boston and I don’t want it to end any time soon.

GLVBX: Awe! thanks MRBrandon!
GLVBX: You are in school right now at the Art Institute of Boston, What is your major?  favorite class?

BA: I am a Fine Arts major (painter). My favorite class is actually one I haven’t taken yet. It’s an advanced painting class that allows you the freedom on creating your projects.   I've heard that each students assigned paintings have to be rather large which is always exciting.  It's basically one of the classes they (AIB) offer that I’ve always been waiting to take.

GLVBX:  After seeing your artwork on your site and in person, I would describe your subject matter as Morphed Super Heroes.  What is the inspiration and concept behind your work?  How would you describe your subject matter?  and GLITTER?!!?!

BA: Hahaha ya my super heroes are these morphed combinations of popular heroes that are sometimes morphed with alligator parts and/or fashion symbols, which sounds so weird when described like that but that’s basically what they are. My work to me is all about this weird fascination that I have with super heroes.  They have always played a huge role in my development as an artist. However, I wouldn’t describe my self as a comic book fan, although I’ve just never really been able to break away from them. As I reflect on my obsession with heroes, I’ve realize that my work is filled with references for people and points in my life.  For example, Bat Man represents my childhood, The Hulk represents my father and Caption America represents how I obsess over random things that I have no real interest in besides its visual aesthetics.

The glitter is a new medium I introduced into my work in early November. I’m still experimenting with it but I feel it brings this really cool look to my paintings that no other medium can really give. I try not to use too much of it though because I feel that it may damage the work by making seem tacky.

GLVBX:  What is it about Super Heroes that interests you?

BA: To be honest I have no idea I just think their costumes are just so interesting and colorful that I’m obsessed with mixing and matching them.

GLVBX: Your work has a twist of Francis Bacon meets Marvel. Who is your favorite artist and why?

BA: Francis Bacon is an inspiration of mine and is a favorite artist of some of the painters I love. I have so many favorite artists so I’ll just name some off my top head: George Condo, Anthony Lister, William de Kooning,  Franz Kline,  D*face, Maya Hayuk and Kaws.

GLVBX:  What is the next step with your work?  You had mentioned something in passing about a Super Hero Costume store?  Tell us more!

BA: Haha my fake company. Ya I have this idea that if super heroes did exist, they couldn’t just have one costume, especially since most of them live in New York, which gets really cold in the winter. The example I always give to explain what I mean is Spider Man.   His costume is extremely thin and during the winter months there’s no way he isn’t bothered by the terrible cold. But his costume is way to thin to fit a sweatshirt or something underneath.  So... what my "company" would do is create costumes for these heroes for the various winter months/other months.  Perhaps a Spider Man costume lined with fleece. At the moment its just a basic idea, but I am in the process of having knitted super hero gloves made.   The gloves are kind of where this whole idea really started from. I also have plans for more paintings, walls sculpture and possibly some neon sign work.

GLVBX:  Ooo Neon!
GLVBX: thanks MRBrandon!

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  1. I can't wait to see the knitted Super Hero gloves!!