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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Get your FAQ straight!

GLOVEBOX artists, Liang Qu and Melissa Friebe have a new venture that we can't wait to share.  These two Bostonians are starting their own art/lit magazine, FAQ, and you can be a part of the first issue! 

We met up with Liang and Melissa to ask them, just what is FAQ all about?

Liang and Melissa on starting out as artists:
The biggest issue we encountered wasn’t so much a roadblock as it was a puzzling round-about: No one would give us an opportunity to prove ourselves unless we had prior experience; yet it’s hard to gain experience when no one gives you the opportunity. This cycle is tiring and discouraging for all artists.

The epiphany:
Fed up with leaving our fates to stew on the backburners of those too busy to care, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We would display our wares, and we would do it our way – the FAQ way.

So what is FAQ?
FAQ is not just a magazine. It’s a “portable gallery”: literature and visual art in bite-size pieces that are as easy to collect and share as postcards. Each issue will be printed on 5 x 7 cards. The name FAQ, is a reference to 'frequently asked questions' and our last names (Friebe and Qu)... ultimately we want the frequently asked question of FAQ to be "What is FAQ?"

What is your goal with FAQ portable gallery-slash-trading cards concept? Is this, like, the new pokemon?
We want to create a diverse collection of literature and visuals in every issue, all contained within a central theme. Through this, we hope to give new artists the opportunity to gain that essential first experience, an exit out of the frustrating round-about. And we will keep it simple: if you felt the artistic inspiration to create it, we will give you the artistic respect of a careful review.

Creativity is like a party: when everyone brings a little something, the real fun begins. So won’t you accept the invitation to join ours?

Thanks FAQ peeps for sharing! We are psyched to see the first issue. Kudos to the two of you for your entrepreneurship! 

You can submit your art or writing to for the first issue. The theme is "MUSE" - What is your muse? What do you find a-musing? What do you muse about? 

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