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Monday, July 20, 2009

Arts for Hearts: mark your calendar

"Here it is!!  It's official! Our "Arts for Hearts" Charity night will be happening for real!  For anyone who didn't know, we put this night together in memory of Jack Griffin who passed on last year from a heart attack, which is why we will be donating all donations and proceeds to the American Heart Association.  If this blog has found you, it's because any of your help in passing on the word is much appreciated and needed in order to make this event a success.   Please let anyone know that you think may be interested!  This is very important to us and we need to make it a success!!" 
Lamont Price is a well known local comedian, who will be hosting.
Cease & Desist is an awesome, rock/party cover band that totally rules! 
Moe Pope is a fantastic Hip-Hop artist who will be performing with his hype-man Chris Sheehan (Boo) and Dj Rain with my dad, Ricardo Monzon Sr., as their special guest!
The artists (GLOVEBOX artists, Ari Hauben & Jodie Baehre have donated work!), photographers, jewelers, and hair-stylists are all donating their respective works and time for this event. 
Thank you all very much in advance for your help in getting people there!  Hope to hear from you soon!
Ricardo E. Monzon
card designed by GLOVEBOX artist and co-founder, Liz Comperchio

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