Glovebox Film Festival

Friday, May 1, 2009


Just what is GLOVEBOX?

GLOVEBOX is a non-profit artist organization that enables artists to exhibit their work in non-traditional spaces in the Boston area.  We strive to create a community among emerging artists, assisting them in furthering their careers and creative talent.


This is the GLOVEBOX team! It's just a couple artists with big dreams... we might look small but we have over 150 artist members who participate in art shows with GLOVEBOX! Now that's big!


What does GLOVEBOX do?

What we offer artists:  The community that GLOVEBOX provides for artists is a nurturing environment where artists can begin to discover how to exhibit their work or where more established artists can take risks with their                                 

work and where all artists can 

bounce ideas off each other, 

keeping the dialogue of art alive.  

It is important to us that the artists 

we work with be involved in the entire process of having a show

We often give them opportunities to volunteer, promote and curate.  Artist block?... GLOVEBOX has many themed shows to get the creative juices flowing.

Community Involvement:   GLOVEBOX works closely with many Boston businesses and organizations when planning events.  All of our venues are donated space from the local area.   !t is often an equal exchange of opportunity for both the business and GLOVEBOX.  The local business’ that support and allows us to use their space as a venue for exhibition get a chance to be part of our grassroots artist organization and often get exposure through the press.  GLOVEBOX and our artists maintain relationships with the businesses, supporting and advocating Boston’s local s

cene.  Many of our shows are collaborative efforts, continually focusing on building these relationships.  We also work with other non-profit organiz

ations and charity’s to help them reach their goals and missions, through fundraisers and art auctions.


Past accomplishments/Highlights:

What we have done in the past year: In 2008 GLOVEBOX hosted a variety of shows including our annual Urban Art Market, a salon-styled exhibition of work that included any and 

all work.  This annual exhibition portrays over 40 artists work and is held in the fall.  

We also worked collaboratively with the illustration department at the Art Institute of Boston to have a senior show of student work outside of the institute.  This opportunity gave students an idea of how to market themselves and their work in the world outside of college, a successful tool for their careers. 

To help support orphaned girls in Kenya, GLOVEBOX teamed up with One Home Many Hopes charity to hold an art auction to raise money for the construction of  a school for these young girls, proper hygiene and education.   The event raised over $5,000.  The succe

ss of this event for One Home Many Hopes led to a lasting relationship and we are planning another event for 2009.

Our most recent event, SPIN was an effort to collaborate art, music and fashion.  The exhibition was a show themed around cassette tapes and vinyl records.  This theme, whose concept came from one of our artists’ Kevin Hebb, was a reaction to the emergence of technology on music (see studio views, Kevin Hebb).  “When music turned into a platform to make a quick dollar off what was trendy, we saw the cassettes start to rot on the store racks. People began to glorify the Internet’s ability to put everything at your fingertips. Mixtapes became a thing of the past as music downloads and MP3 players started to emerge. This show will honor the simplicity of a looping bass line p

laying under a slowed down disco beat.”  Rescue, Allston’s local vintage apparel and accessory store teamed up with us to host this event, which was a huge success and was covered in the press by the Allston-Brighton Tab, Artsake and the Weekly Dig.


What does GLOVEBOX have planned for the future?

In the works & the Future:  GLOVEBOX is currently planning the next event with One Home Many Hopes and working with the Art Institute of Boston.  We are also entertaining ideas for our next artist show and a fundraiser event.   We are always researching venues and are taking all the necessary next steps in order to allow our artists’ all the benefits they deserve.  We have recently started a blog ( and are thinking of an online gallery of sorts.  In the future we look forward to working with venues that will enable us to work more with installation artists, public art and 

video.  Art is a conversation, a means of communicating and we really try and create this conversation between our artists and the public.  This community that we have built is a relationship that is priceless and we are very proud of who we represent and what they are trying to achieve.


Jodie Baehre:  Graduate student at Boston University, studying Art Administration.   Under grad at AIB in fine arts.   Grew up in Buffalo, have been in Boston for seven years.  Interning at MCC .  currently working in my mini-studio on a piece for the American heart association (collaborative large-scale painting).  Looking forward to breaking back i

nto photography and traveling.  loves my frenchie, Allston; family and crazy friends, Indian food and cleaning.


Liz Comperchio:  Graphic designer by day. Graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2006 with a BFA in Graphic Design. She is trying hard to make the word sketchbook a verb - find her "sketchbooking" with friends or collaborating on some installation-light-sculpture.. You can find her running along the Charles with her dog Mica, eating sushi in Cambridge or singing along to her favorite bands at local venues. 

above artwork by kate castelli. jodie baehre & amanda atkins