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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cell Phone Photo project...SUBMIT NOW

So it has to happen before anyone else tries to do it...a cell phone photo show!!!  

Since this blog has just planted its roots, we would love for our followers, friends and artists to contribute to the blogs ultimate "look"!  

Send us your photos (that MUST be taken with your cell phone )  along with a short bio of you, a story of the picture, make and model of your phone and anything else you want to share.  One to two photos will be chosen each week to be displayed on the blog along with your bio and story! This could lead to bigger and better things I tell you, bigger and better!!!

I thought I would start this week out with a pic from my iphone....

I am an artist who paints mostly city-scapes in oil, acrylic, house paint-whatever I can find often using mixed media.  This picture (adjusted to my liking in iphoto) is of the MGH stop and the inspiration for the painting I am working on now.  I wish there was a funny story behind it or some crazy thing happened here... nope, just a cool pic!!

-jodie from boston

send your phone pics to or

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